Price Sheet – 2024


Show Training: $1,125.00 – per month

Pasture Board with Feed: $450.00 – per month

Conditioning: $900 – per month

Stall Rest: $850 – per month



Class A Show: $1200.00

One-Day Show: $800.00

Regional Show: $1,750.00

Regional & Pre-Show: $2,000.00

Scottsdale: $3,500.00

Youth Nationals: $3,500.00

U.S. Nationals: $4,000.00

World Championships: $3000.00 (including hauling)

Show fees INCLUDE all trainers’ and grooms’ expenses and horse preparation charges. Entry fees, office and drug fees, non-member fees, bedding at shows, layover charges, pro-rated tack and groom stalls, patronship, horse medical package, decoration at show and hauling fees are to be paid additionally by the owner and ARE NOT included in the show fee unless said otherwise.



Transportation: $1.00/mile ($150 minimum)

Photograph Preparation: $50.00

Show Clipping: $50

Body Clipping: $175

Saddle or bridle rental: $50

Sellers Agent Fee: 15% of sale price payable at the time of sale

Photoshoot ( ALL ): $500

Hauling personal items to show: $75

Sale video to website or social media: $75

Buggy, bridle & Harness Rental: $50.00 Per Use

Bedding, feed store charges, Early Arrival Fees, Mats, pre-bed and Disinfecting: Billed as charged

Farrier/Veterinarian Charges (Plus holding or sedation fee if applicable): Billed as charged

When paying with a Credit card, 3.5% will be added to the total or you may pay through Quickbooks as a bank draft

Show Sheet Rental: $75

Blanket Bag Rental: $75

Medication Service Package: Thereplate, Bemer, Lazering, Magnawave, standing wraps, poultice, icing: $100 – $400 depending on the show

Gastrogaurd ( Required for shows ): $35 a day

Equioxx ( Required for shows ): $9 a day

Shockwave Therapy: $350 per 500 shocks


Training and conditioning fees are billed at the first of the month and are due when billed.
All horses whose bills are past 30 days will be charged a late fee and horses will be put on board until such time as the bill is paid in full.
No horse will be trained if payments are not current.